The Department of Customs and Transportation Law assists Italian and foreign companies in the fields of customs law and international transport of goods.

In particular, the Department provides advice and assistance in relation to:

  • The proper classification of goods;
  • The analysis and identification of the appropriate customs procedure to be applied to goods exported from, or imported in, Italy;
  • The analysis, identification, and application of the rules of origin to accurately determine the preferential and non-preferential origin of goods;
  • The analysis and application of the existing free trade agreements between the European Union and third countries;
  • The assessment of the proper labeling and products certification to make the same marketable within the European Union and non-EU markets;
  • The Export Compliance with particular emphasis on embargoes, sanctions, and restrictions on the export of goods to non-EU countries;
  • The legislation on dual-use goods;
  • The customs value of goods and assessment whether royalties arising from license agreements are subject to customs duties;
  • The review of shipping orders and transport contracts, as well as the issues arising from the international transport of goods such as the shipper and carrier’s liability, risk insurance, and duties deriving from the carriage.

The Department of Customs and Transport Law also assists clients in relation to:

  • the preparation and filing of the application for the Binding Tariff Information (BTI) and/or Binding Origin Information (BOI);
  • the preparation and filing of the application to obtain the status of the authorized exporter and the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification;
  • the audits carried out by the Customs Authorities;
  • the defense in customs disputes.