The Corporate Finance Department of Bacciardi Partners assists Italian or foreign companies in the management of Merger and Acquisition transactions by providing the following services:

  • Support in the definition of the business strategy and the preparation of the ensuing business plan;
  • Acquisition or sale of shares, assets, line of business, trademarks, patents and know-how;
  • Implementation of joint ventures and completion of mergers, demergers and/or capital contributions;
  • Company evaluations, appraisals and fairness opinions,
  • Management of corporate and/or group rationalization and/or reorganization projects;
  • Scouting of investors and partners, financial or industrial, national or international, to support business development and growth projects;
  • AIM listing;
  • Private debt and direct lending transactions;
  • Assistance in the legal and tax compliance of M&A transactions and in the drafting and finalization of share/assets purchase agreements and the associated legal instruments.

Bacciardi Partners, through the extensive network of connections available by participation in one of the largest international networks, is able to find investors and partners, financial and industrial, national and international, interested in Italian businesses, to support the development and growth of companies, especially in foreign markets, or to facilitate the generational transition.