The Department of Global Mobility of Bacciardi and Partners assists Italian and foreign companies to manage the global mobility of their executive employees.

The choice to undertake an employee’s relocation or expatriation could be the path to implement broader strategic initiatives, such as the expansion of management overseas, or the internationalization of opportunities not yet fully developed at the domestic level.

Bacciardi and Partners has long been focused on the legal and fiscal aspects of global mobility.

The Law Firm assists a number of multinational companies in the multi-jurisdictional management of corporate human resources in cases of expatriation of Italian workers and relocation of foreign workers in Italy. Sometimes these operations, also defined as corporate immigration or emigration, turn out to be particularly complex.

Bacciardi and Partners is part, as the first and only Italian component, of Celia Alliance, an international network of independent law and tax firms, experts in the corporate immigration and emigration.