The Employment Law Department provides assistance to Italian and foreign companies in the field of labor and social security law, with particular reference to employment contracts, riorganization of contractual employment relationships and litigation.

The Employment Law Department advises clients on a daily basis in connection with:

  • contractualization of top and C-level personnel (managers, executives and managing directors);
  • compensations, incentives and retention schemes of top and C-level personnel, also in connection with M&A transactions;
  • consulting and assistance in hiring, redundancies, contract management, due diligence for asset deals, collective redundancies procedures and unemployment benefits;
  • personnel reorganization solutions also in view of using the Italian “Fondo Nuove Competenze”(New Skills Fund);
  • ordinary management of labour relations (job classification and tasks, business travels, posting and secondments, working time, compensation and incentive plans, including stock option plans, disciplinary codes and procedures, supervision of workers and privacy, waivers, settlements, etc.);
  • labour and employment disputes.