Bacciardi and Partners maintain a vast network of high quality professionals made up of lawyers, tax advisors and business intermediaries present in over 155 countries, through which it is able to provide services directly abroad in the legal, corporate, tax, customs, labor, accounting and administrative areas, where the client may need them.

National Networks

ASLA – Association of Associated Legal Studies – brings together the main Italian law firms that adopt the corporate or partnership form for the exercise of the legal activities. ASLA is an advanced think tank to share experiences on
professional issues and for the development of innovative organizational models, in order to evolve and make more efficient the services of the law firm. See the ASLA website.
AFEXis a multinational company able to design and implement international payment management and exchange risk mitigation solutions anywhere in the world. It has a portfolio of 35,000 active commercial customers made up of exporters, national companies, multinationals and individuals. See the AFEX website.
ANDAF – is the National Association of Administrative and Financial Directors, of which Bacciardi and Partners is a Supporting Member and through which Bacciardi and Partners can access
experiences on the most topical issues in corporate, tax and financial management of companies. See the ANDAF website.

International Networks

IR GLOBAL® – is one of the largest and most structured international and multidisciplinary networks, present in over 155 countries in the world, made up of medium-sized professional firms, specialized in legal, tax and financial assistance
and advice, in favor of the medium-sized company operating across borders. See the IR Global website.
CELIA ALLIANCE –  is an international network of law firms highly specialized in labor, tax, social security and payroll assistance and consultancy for companies that keep workers in international mobility. Some of the 100 largest
law firms in the world are among the member firms of CELIA ALLIANCE. See the Celia Alliance website.
AM&AA – Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors® – is the leading international organization that brings together the main M&A Advisors and international financial and industrial investors operating in the small and medium-sized
business sector. See the AM&AA website.