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CANADA: NEW STRATEGIC HUB TO DO BUSINESS IN NORTH AMERICA Opportunities offered by the CETA agreement and latest Trump protectionist policies

Camera di Commercio della Romagna – Forlì – ITALY – May 29, 2018

Bacciardi and Partners has held a specialized training seminar together with the attorneys Mr. Stephen W. Green, Mr. Jonathan A. Grode and Ms. Cristina Guida of Green and Spiegel (Canada) as well as with the CPA Ms. Isabella Bertani of RSM Canada LLP.

The seminar focuses on the following advantages to access the Canadian and North American markets granted by the CETA Agreement:

a) The removal of almost all the Canadian import tariffs;

b) A 92% tariff exemption rate on food and farming products exported to Canada;

c) The simplification of the European preferential certification of origin for products exported to Canada;

d) The acknowledgement of European geographical indications for typical products (PDO – PGI) and the protection of these very same products from counterfeiting;

e) The mutual acceptation of product conformity assessment certificates with resulting facilitations and savings for Italian and European companies exporting to Canada;

f) The admission of Italian and European companies to public procurement procedures in Canada to supply goods and services at all levels: federal, provincial and municipal.

g) The access for Italian and European companies to the Canadian market of business services.

h) Facilitations for Italian and European citizens for their entry and temporary stay in Canada to carry out business and professional activities.

Download the agenda (in Italian).pdf.



On October 10th, 2018, Bacciardi and Partners, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, will hold a specialized training seminar focused on the topic: “PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT ARISING FROM THE EXECUTION OF A CONSTRUCTION OR INSTALLATION PROJECT ABROAD: how much tax is due abroad – how to recover it in Italy – what additional costs to consider”.

The seminar is aimed at illustrating to the attendees: a) the conditions under which the construction or installation project abroad may constitute a permanent establishment of the Italian company in the foreign country; b) how to calculate the tax burden connected to the Italian company’s permanent establishment abroad; c) the formalities that the Italian company shall carry out in Italy to recover the tax paid abroad.

October 10th, 2018 09.15 – 13.15

Venue: Forlì, CAMERA DI COMMERCIO DELLA ROMAGNA – Corso della Repubblica n. 5

Seminar on Permanent establishment in international corporate and trade transactions

Bacciardi and Partners, together with Confindustria Ancona, will hold a Seminar, on December 12th, 2017 on permanent establishment issues arising from cross-border corporate and commercial transactions performed by mid-size Italian companies doing business abroad.
The Seminar is aimed at providing mid-size Italian companies with practical insight on:
1) how to properly plan cross-border corporate transactions and/or to enter into commercial contractual relations with foreign counterparts, in order to avoid the risk of permanent establishment abroad and the consequence of becoming liable to pay taxes to foreign tax administrations; and on
2) how to implement procedures and formalities necessary to:
a) assess the taxable base of the permanent establishment abroad;
b) liquidate the taxes to be paid in favor of the foreign tax authority;
c) claim the foreign tax credit from the Italian tax administration.

12 December 2017: 14.30 – 18.30

Via R. Bianchi sn, Ancona

INTERNATIONAL PROCUREMENT: Ways of contract acquisition, documentation and management

Confindustria Ancona, 29 November 2012;
Unindustria Forlì-Cesena, 30 November 2012.

Foreign speakers from Russian, Iraqi, and Brazilian law firms participated in the seminar.


Download the agenda and informations.


Cracovia (Polonia), 03/05/2008.

Hosted by International Business Group di Eurojuris International.


Faculty of Economics, University of Macerata, March – April 2006

Lecturer: Enzo Bacciardi, attorney.

Lorenzo Bacciardi, LLM, Setting up a Shop in the US

The Erblaw News, 30 September 2001.