Contractualisation and resolution of disagreements and disputes arising during and after completion


Thursday, September 21st, 2023 Р10:00 AM Р1:00 PM on Zoom, our experts  Enzo Bacciardi, Tommaso Mancini, Gianluca Bastianelli, and Domenico Del Sorbo will hold the webinar CONTRACTING AND SUBCONTRACTING ABROAD: operational guidelines for contract negotiation and dispute management, organized by Camera di Commercio della Romagna and Bacciardi Partners.

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Locandina per promuovere il webinar appalti e subappalti all'estero con foto dell'Avv. Tommaso Mancini e Avv Enzo Bacciardi. Bacciardi Partners

International contracts represent a significant opportunity for Italian businesses, including medium-small enterprises, specialized in construction works and service provision. Often, these companies participate in contracts as subcontractors for much larger enterprises that function as main contractors and pass down their terms and those of the clients downstream.

The complexity of the projects to be executed and the relationships among various stakeholders in the project demand the verification, assessment, and management of intricate contractual instruments. Therefore, it becomes necessary, starting from the formulation of the economic proposal, to understand the contents and inherent risks of these agreements in order to prepare the necessary countermeasures.

International contracts and subcontracts also possess characteristics that make them particularly susceptible to the risk of disagreements and disputes, such as the extended duration of the relationship, technical uncertainties, the emergence of unforeseeable events, and the varying economic and contractual power of the parties involved.

The resolution of disagreements and disputes, both during and after the conclusion of the contract, is governed by complex international norms, procedures, and practices that significantly differ from domestic and national ones, knowledge of which is essential for business operators.

The training module will have a highly practical approach. Ample room will be provided for addressing participants’ inquiries.

The speakers are experts with extensive and well-established experience in internationalization consultancy, particularly focusing on managing contractual relationships and international litigation through judicial and arbitral means

The webinar is reserved for commercial managers, administrative managers and in-house lawyers of companies.

Free admission.

The speech will be in Italian.

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