We have updated and enhanced our website. We provide some keys to interpretation for those who intend to visit it.

Bacciardi Partners restyling sito web

The primary color is red (fire red or blood red or ancient red), making up the brand BACCIARDI PARTNERS.

The main contents of the website are aimed at conciseness and total synthesis.

All the expressions of the website are objective and contain exclusively factual data.

As distinctive as our firm is, also the website is distinctive as it wants to be and must be.

Most law firm websites contain common and even obvious images or images of the same kind. Law firms often communicate by referring to extrinsic values, such as the value of the meeting room, the libraries, the building, but fail to share their distinctive features as they relate to their professional activity.

The distinctive law firm is a firm that has its own style, which is original and autonomous. The distinctive firm is a firm that does not communicate through common messages or uses extraneous, external values, but displays its own values and its own professional skills and expertise.

This is why our communication is aimed solely at the objective presentation of the firm, its organization, professionals and services, as well as the references represented by the work performed and clients served.

We have also opted to remove “Law Firm” from our brand. In our brand, you will only find the indication of the areas of activity: “legal, tax, finance“.

Basically, we are convinced that BACCIARDI PARTNERS does not need external elements to be perceived and appreciated: those who know us do not need them because they already know our style, our skills, our ability and our responsiveness; to those who do not know us, we want to present ourselves and be perceived only based on what we do and how we do it and, above all, based on what we have done and how we have done it.

It’s an act of ambition, and the website wants to express precisely that! With full awareness and due responsibility, obviously!

But, more appropriately, the website wants to express the top position that our Firm has achieved in the provision of strategic legal advice in corporate and business law.