Eutekne – Italy’s leading professional publisher for lawyers and accountants – published, in the May issue of the magazine “La Consulenza del Lavoro,” the focus “The Secondment of Italian Employees to China” created by Tommaso Fonti, LL.M. and Valeria Zega of the Global Mobility Department.

Bacciardi Partners’ prestigious collaboration with Eutekne marks a recognition of the firm’s prominent position in the market with reference to Global Mobility. The publication deals with a highly topical issue: the posting of personnel abroad, which involves many Italian companies committed to carrying out expansion projects in foreign markets

The Global Mobility Department of Bacciardi Partners has a long experience in the management of personnel postings, in the course of which our professionals have repeatedly noted how the posting of personnel to China involves, more than in other countries, a high degree of complexity in the management of labor-contractual, immigration, administrative, tax, social security and health care aspects.

It should be emphasized in this regard that in the event that the enterprise makes mistakes in implementing the posting of employees abroad, the consequence will be the administrative liability and even, in the most serious cases, criminal liability.

Therefore, we advise companies that need to proceed with the posting of employees abroad to always plan the posting in good time, especially in the case of posting employees to China, so as to ensure that it is done in full compliance, avoiding mistakes and the resulting penalties.

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THE POSTING OF EMPLOYEES TO CHINA – magazine “La Consulenza del Lavoro” no. 33 of May, 2022 – EUTEKNE

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