By Antonella Lanzani – HR Director

On December 15, we celebrated our end-of-year corporate event. It was a time to meet to acknowledge the activities carried out and make new plans for the year to come.

But not only that…

We talked about the future. A very ambitious future in which we strongly believe.
One thing we are certain. Starting in 2023, there will be significant changes. And they will be not only technical-professional, but also organizational, managerial … and much more.

But let us go step by step. We are not undergoing a revolution, but a real evolution, where the essential values that have allowed us to be what we are today are the basis for building a new firm, with a dynamic, proactive, flexible, versatile, multidimensional mindset.

We have always been a reliable and professional firm, standing out in the market for the quality of its services, pragmatism, and ability to conceive and provide strategic solutions to entrepreneurs. This is what we will always be. We have always acted with strict ethical values, and this will never change. But we will also go beyond that.

We want to tell a new story of a group of professionals who have firmly chosen each other, believe in mutual respect, continuous improvement and maintain an iron will to give their clients highly effective solutions. From today, Bacciardi Partners will grow with an increasingly pervasive business logic: managing approach, organizational principles of effectiveness and optimization, clear roles and responsibilities, shared ideals, planned and monitored objectives, performance management, skills enhancement, and a complete range of services to businesses.

We are the entrepreneur’s allies because we are made of the same stuff, live the same dynamics, and want the same results.

We are so convinced of what we have become and what we will become, following a constant evolutionary process, that we want to tell you about us, starting with our vision and mission. These values permeate our professionalism to what we have planned for our medium-term future.

We have very clear ideas and would like to share them with those who are already with us and with those who want to get to know us better. The world today is made of networks, connection, and communication, and we want to be protagonists in this professional dimension, ready to welcome the new, pursue excellence in all its expressions, and ride the future.

Those who are ready for all this can follow us closely. New chapters of our company history have begun. And we will present it to you step by step.

To be continued.