The office is like a second home, or sometimes the first, if you consider the amount of time spent working together. Living together for many hours in a working environment means sharing values and professional objectives, joining forces, being part of an organisation where everyone is useful and everyone, in his/her role, indispensable. But it also means chatting at a coffee break, welcoming a new colleague, congratulating someone on a professional or personal success, rallying around a colleague facing a difficult moment.

At Bacciardi and Partners we believe in teamwork, as well as in the personal skills and characteristics that lie behind the role of the professional. Assisting a client means knowing how to listen, being united and collaborative in pursuing the objective set, rejoicing in his satisfaction as if it were your own.

Anyway, without empathy and fellowship between colleagues all of this would not be possible.

This is why, this summer, after rolling up our sleeves and tackling with courage and determination the new way of doing business and profession at the Covid time, we finally allowed ourselves a day of leisure, in safety, that we want to share with you.

Thank you for following us, thank you for trusting us, thank you for wanting to be part of our team.