nuovo brand Bacciardi PartnersStarting the new year, we have renewed our Law Firm’s brand. In the rebranding we have applied a restyling of the font; we have introduced a polychromy in the logo; we have extended the payoff.

And here is our new brand, which LegalCommunity magazine has reviewed in its Legal Brand Atlas.

The brand has already undergone several rebrandings over time, so to adapt to the evolution of the Firm and of the times.

The brand has maintained and currently maintains the patronymic “Bacciardi”, since the same has acquired wide notoriety throughout the territory of Central Italy, where the Firm has been operating for half a century, as well as nationally.
The juxtaposition (without the use of any conjunction) of the patronymic “Bacciardi” and the term “Partners” signifies the absolute unity of all the members, or rather the full integration of the partners and the associates, in a structure in which all the components are moved by the same vision and share a single institutional, cultural and professional identity.

Colors have always been present in the Firm’s brand, to signify brightness and positivity, energy in growth and projection towards the light.  In the new brand identity, the polychromy is aimed at conveying the idea of a group, a team, as well as the multiplicity of practices and specializations and also the concept of green, sunshine, multiplicity, union and sharing.

The payoff “legal tax finance” allows to identify immediately the areas of application and specialization of the Firm.

Overall, the brand has a bold style and a very fresh and captivating visual impact.
All this is aimed at conveying creativity, modernity and efficiency; a tendency towards originality, evolution and the future.

The Firm has achieved wide spread diffusion of the characteristics and values expressed by its brand, also as a result of the assiduous presence and operation in the territory, as well as a continuous activity of conferences, publications and seminars in institutional, academic and associative venues.

Currently, the Firm is known for its advanced and state-of-the-art methods of providing legal services in the field of business law, having introduced and consolidated the models and procedures of business lawyering typical of big law firms.

The Firm has a cohesive team of more than 25 professionals, with specialized skills in multiple areas of corporate law and corporate finance and with a predominantly international focus.

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