In an interview published in Milano Finanza, managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M. and partner Renato Capanna of the Corporate Finance Department explain the importance of the multidisciplinary strategic approach, which is the high added value of Bacciardi Partners’ consultancy, to support and grow Italian medium-sized companies. 

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A synergy that comes from people, through the cross-over of legal, tax, strategic-business and financial skills of professionals, operating in different fields but sharing values, passion and mission, to assist and support with a 360° service corporate finance, Merger & Acquisition and family business transactions. This being the spirit with which, now three years ago, Studio Bacciardi Partners decided to expand its structure, until then predominantly legal, favoring the entry and involvement of professionals with extensive training and experience in economics and finance.

The operating method

«The entry of Dr. Renato Capanna, which has been a great injection of energy and proactivity in such a difficult moment as the pandemic, has allowed us to integrate the operation of the Corporate Finance and Merger & Acquisition Department, but above all to evolve in a multidisciplinary form the strategic consulting in support of Italian medium-sized companies, integrating the financial and strategic corporate field with the legal and tax one,» explains Attorney Lorenzo Bacciardi, managing partner of the firm.

«Thanks to this new operating model, of which we are particularly proud, the Firm has begun its path of growth and structuring, developing a multidisciplinary and integrated offer of professional services aimed at Italian SMEs and international investors interested in our country. If since our inception we have always deviated from the model of traditional law firms, today we want to go far beyond and assume a corporate structure and organization, to maximize the efficiency of our professional services both domestically and internationally with high verticalization and added value for the client. That is why we have chosen to evolve by becoming an enterprise ourselves, following three clear guidelines: managerialization in management, transversality and multidisciplinarity in services, and energetic propulsion in business enlargement and diversification.»

Tailored solutions for each enterpreneur

«Thanks to our professionals’ ability to approach the market in an integrated and multidisciplinary way, we are able to work alongside the client, typically the family business, to understand their needs, requirements and strategies – listening is key in this sense – but also the entrepreneur’s mindset and aspirations, and share their culture and values; together we define the best strategy for extraordinary operations, tying our objectives to the achievement of theirs. This total sharing, from the very beginning of the journey, allows us to carry out the right extraordinary transaction for the business, being able to have a complete view of all planning and possible critical issues, accommodating the risk and supporting the client from planning to managing all phases of operations with customized solutions within a standardized process,» Renato Capanna continues.

Over the past three years, the firm has handled numerous extraordinary transactions both buy-side and sell-side, as well as transactions based on the need to acquire extraordinary finance for growth. «What we would like to emphasize, of these operations, is that the primary objective, and therefore our contribution, is always to retain and enhance the workforce of the acquired companies and allow the selling partners to continue to be involved in the management of the company, in order to ensure the continuity of the work and maintain the added value in the territory,»  the two professionals further explain.

«It is often forgotten, in fact, that in the absence of extraordinary transactions, many small made-in-Italy companies, which represent Italian excellence, would no longer exist in a market that is becoming increasingly global. And entrepreneurs have shown great appreciation for this multidisciplinary and integrated approach of ours, considered effective and of quality that offers, in a single consulting organization, all the skills needed to manage an extraordinary operation. This transversal and multidisciplinary method, moreover, is not limited to the Corporate Finance area but can be found in all the service lines of the Firm, which considers the entrepreneur as a person and for the social role he has on the community and the territory, even before he is a businessman.»

The future

«Our strategic plan calls for  three focused actions: to continue investing in the core business of M&A transactions with method, professionalism, quality and proximity to entrepreneurs and businesses, but at the same time to extend our presence and operations to enter additional territorial markets and to aggregate additional professionalism that will allow us to complete the service portfolio.»

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