February 22nd, 2022 – 11.00 am – 12.30 am

Progetto Innovare il settore agroalimentare Bacciardi Camera di Commercio della Romagna webinar 22.02.022

The agri-food industry is prominent in the Italian economy and represents one of the cornerstones of Italian export.

The webinar anticipates the organization and content of the modules of the Training Project dedicated to the supply chain of the agri-food industry.

The Project is addressed to all the operators in the agri-food industry, namely:

  • direct operators (farms, processing companies, distribution companies)
  • suppliers of support for agri-food (machinery, packaging, software)
  • advanced operators and service providers.

The purpose of the Project is to enable participants to know and manage all the tools that allow to operate in a strategic and innovative way along the entire supply chain of the agri-food industry.

The Project is made up of multiple modules, with a practical and operational approach, that will cover:

  • online commerce to increase sales of agri-food products;
  • the contractual tools for the agri-food business;
  • the correct management of tax and customs issues related to the export of agricultural and food products to EU and non-EU Countries;
  • the registration and protection of industrial inventions, trademarks and industrial signs in online sales; the protection of Made in Italy agri-food products;
  • M&A transactions to increase the performance of agri-food companies;
  • digitalization and sustainability of the agri-food industry.

The speakers are professionals with a long and consolidated experience in international trade law, international corporate and industrial law, international taxation, customs and transport law, corporate finance.

The speech is in Italian.

Download the agenda (in Italian)