April 21st, 2022 – 10.00 am – 12.30 am

The export of food products requires special cares to:

(a) the preliminary verification of merchandise conformity requirements;

(b) the compliance with the specific customs and health procedures prescribed in each foreign market for the customs clearance and marketing of this kind of products;

(c) the correct labelling for the sale in the reference market;

(d) the correct identification and application of special VAT regimes and excise duties.

The webinar has a pratical and operational approach. The speakers analyze:

  • the customs procedures and formalities for the export of agri-food products, with particular reference to the customs classification of these products and their origin, also for the purposes of calculating duties and other fiscal charges (such as VAT and excise duties) applicable to these products in the country of destination;
  • the regulatory bodies charged of authorizations, controls and health and product certifications, to which the exporting agri-food company must refer both in the country of export and in the country of destination of goods;
  • the mandatory and voluntary rules on nutritional, environmental and health information, which the exporter must know in order to correctly label products and to allow the final consumer to guide the purchase and make informed decisions;
  • the definition of an agricultural business for VAT purposes and its distinction from other types of businesses operating in the agri-food industry;
  • the special VAT regime and other VAT rules applicable to agricultural businesses and their impact on transnational transactions;
  • the system of excise duties due on wine and other alcoholic beverages and the methods of liquidation of excise duties in transactions involving the intra-Community sale of the aforementioned goods.

The speech is in Italian.

Download the agenda (in Italian)