Tuesday, March 30th,  2021 – from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. – on the Zoom platform, the professionals Enzo Bacciardi, Tommaso Mancini, Flavia Sabbatini, Silvano Pozzi and Federico Ghini will hold the webinar on E-COMMERCE: how to organize, regulate and manage it”.

E-commerce sales have shown a steady and strong increase, especially following the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the start of the lockdown period, the volume of online sales, globally, has significantly increased especially in some sectors. This trend is set to continue and will be one of the main competitive levers in the future global market.
As a result, more and more companies will need to use an e-commerce to market their products or services, if they want to continue to compete and maintain or increase their market shares.

For a profitable use of e-commerce, however, it is necessary to oversee a series of aspects legal, financial, IT and logistical, which mainly involve:

  • the choice between creating one’s own website or using third party’s marketplace;
  • the management of a website for sales to consumers, business entities or both;
  • the management of the activities of administration, storage and delivery of products and / or provision of services, collection of fees, management of returns, etc.;
  • the proper contractualization of relations between the company and all e-commerce providers;
  • the proper contractualization of the sale of products and / or provision of services through the website;
  • the protection of its own trademarks and distinctive signs.

The webinar will have a practical and operational approach; the speakers are professionals with a long and consolidated experience in international commercial law, international corporate law, international taxation, customs and transport law.

Participation is free.

Download the agenda (in Italian)