By Enzo Bacciardi, Domestic and International Agreements and Digital Law Area


The pandemic emergency from Covid-19 has led to a significant decrease in exports; but Italian companies will be able to reactivate and grow in the international markets, even in a relatively short time, if they take into account the following determining factors.

1) The countries where the Italian products will find the best commercial outlet are: a) the countries that first tackled the pandemic (China); b) the countries less affected by the pandemic (Asean-South-East Asian Countries); c) the countries that reacted more promptly to the pandemic, such as Japan.

In respect to these countries BACCIARDI and PARTNERS has developed over thirty years of consolidated experience.

2) The management of the business, following the lockdowns, involves more and more digital technologies, such as e-commerce and digital innovation.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS has strengthened its Department of Technology Law and Digital Innovation to assist and support companies in the acquisition of digital platforms and tools for international trade management, as well as to implement digital innovation solutions.

3) Finance will play an increasingly strategic role in achieving the success in the international markets. In this perspective, a key role will be played by extraordinary finance and alternative finance. However, in an overall planning, even the recent facilitated finance measures introduced by the ”Patto per l’Export” and by the “Decreto Rilancio” should not be overlooked.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS, through its Corporate Finance Department, is able to assist exporting companies in the acquisition of extraordinary, alternative and facilitated finance.

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