Enzo Bacciardi-Gianluca Bastianelli-Bacciardi Partners-Litigation and Arbitration

Bacciardi Partners assisted Wubook S.r.l., a company operating in the design and development of software and information technology applied to the tourism and hospitality sector, in the definition of a complex corporate litigation concerning the validity of shareholders’ agreements and the challenge of financial statements.

The dispute developed in the context of two separate legal proceedings before, respectively, the Sezione Specializzata in Materia di Impresa (Specialized Section on Corporate Matters) of the Court of Perugia and the Court of Catanzaro.

Bacciardi Partners operated with a team consisting of Enzo Bacciardi, senior partner, and Gianluca Bastianelli, associate, from Litigation & Arbitration department, supported by Renato Capanna, partner, and Manuela Santini, associate, from Corporate Finance department for accounting and financial statements issues.

The settlement of the dispute has assumed significant relevance, as it allowed Wubook S.r.l. to positively reject a considerably high claim for damages, as well as to terminate contractual relationships that were particularly constraining to its business operations.