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Bacciardi Partners assisted MVM and the Capodagli family in the negotiation and conclusion of the agreement to purchase from the Spanish partner Orkli, assisted by EY, a further 15% stake in the capital of Valmex, thus achieving a majority shareholding of 75%.

The Agreement reached between MVM Investimenti and Orkli lays the foundations to ensure a further stage of growth for Valmex, which for years has been a world leader in the production of high-efficiency heat exchangers. In this respect, Valmex’s strategic business plan for the next five years envisages further growth in the markets of Europe, North America and the Asian region, where Valmex has planned to locate its Chinese subsidiary in cooperation with Orkli.

Bacciardi Partners and EY respectively assisted MVM Investimenti and the Capodagli family,on one side and Orkli on the other side in the negotiation of the legal instruments aimed at:

  • the purchase and sale of the stakes in the capital of Valmex and the Chinese subsidiary;
  • the reorganisation of governance in Valmex and the Chinese affiliate;
  • the implementation of commercial strategies in the territorial areas of interest;
  • the license of the use of product and know how in favour of the Chinese affiliate.

Bacciardi Partners acted through a team led by managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M. with the collaboration of partner Pier Federico Orciari and junior associates Gianluca Bastianelli, Irene Cappelli and Rebecca Milandri.

MVM and the Capodagli family were assisted for the financial and industrial strategy aspects by the firm Sofimar and, in particular, by Massimo Gualandri.

EY assisted the seller with a team coordinated by Christian Busca and composed of Erjena Agaraj, Aldo Brielli, Francesco Lauria and Iolanda Severino. For the M&A profiles, EY acted through a team composed of Jose Maria Rossi, Sebastian Capurro Boltendahl and Javier Barrientos Garcia.

In the period 2015-2022 VALMEX has achieved enormous results in terms of technological and product innovation, automation of its production, international commercial expansion, tripling its enterprise value.

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