BACCIARDI and PARTNERS assisted the company RIVACOLD SRL located in Vallefoglia (PU) – Italy in the implementation of the ambitious digital innovation project called “My I.D.”. It is a remote control and management system, which incorporates a Service Tool and allows customers to connect via bluetooth or remotely to their Rivacold product, equipped with the new Riv-olution electronics, and to set and monitor its operation from any type of device: smartphone, tablet, etc..
The system is also accessible via App, to allow customers to view and obtain information on all Rivacold product ranges and services.

RIVACOLD SRL, a leading company in the production and distribution of complete solutions for industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, with a turnover of 165 million euros and owned units in India, UK, France and Slovakia, recently has also been contacted by multinational pharmaceutical companies for the production of cold rooms for the storage of anti-Covid vaccine up to the place of administration.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS assisted RIVACOLD in the My I.D. project through its Digital Law Department, led by partnerĀ  Tommaso Mancini with the collaboration of senior associate Flavia Sabbatini, dealing with legal, contractual and privacy compliance for the entire project, as well as liaising with the company’s foreign networks of installers.

Technological innovation, digital export and e-commerce are the levers on which companies will have to base their new business strategies.
Businesses will have to adopt an effective digital transformation strategy across the entire value chain (IT, ICT, IOT, design, marketing, sales) in order to remain competitive, differentiate products and services and boost operational efficiency.
Digital transformation will therefore be a compulsory step, an imperative and no longer a choice.

In any case, technological innovation must be governed and made in compliance with the regulations in force, in order to preserve those who use it and, of course, the company’s business.

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