After the prestigious recognition as IR Global member of the Year 2017, Bacciardi & Partners continues in his organic growth and internal organization in order to achieve constant improvement of its services in favour of its Italian and foreign corporate clients.

Since January 2018, Bacciardi and Partners has expanded its professional skills and knowledge through the inclusion of new well qualified associates: Mr. Marco Cioce, Ms. Federica Ciavaglia and Mr. Jacopo Peruzzini, who join respectively the International Litigation and Arbitration Department, International Trade and Contract Law Department and Cross-Border Corporate Law Department.

We therefore take this opportunity to share with you some brief information on the new associates of Bacciardi and Partners:

• Mr. Marco Cioce is a lawyer with more than fifteen years experience in domestic and international commercial litigation. Marco joins Bacciardi and Partners’ International Litigation and Arbitration Department in order to support the ongoing growth of the Firm in professional assignments involving International Litigation and Arbitration in Italy and abroad. For further information on Mr. Marco Cioce, please click here.

• Ms. Federica Ciavaglia is a lawyer with experience on civil and contract law. Federica joins Bacciardi and Partners’ International Trade and Contract Law Department in order to support the current growth on international commercial contracts pertaining to information technology, telecommunication and E-Commerce. For further information on Ms. Federica Ciavaglia, please click here.

• Jacopo Peruzzini is a business and financial analyst with experience in corporate finance. Jacopo joins Bacciardi and Partners’ Cross-Border Corporate Law Department and he will, in particular, strengthen the activity of business intelligence and scouting of business opportunity to be shared with clients of Bacciardi and Partners. Jacopo will also assist the International Taxation Department in the performance of benchmark analysis on international taxation and transfer pricing assignments handled by the Firm. For further information on Mr. Jacopo Peruzzini, please click here.

Bacciardi and Partners constantly expands its own professional expertises in order to satisfy the new needs of Italian and foreign companies operating in a global economy, now, more than ever, digitally oriented.