An opportunity to manage the tax risk and preserve the company value


Thursday, April 20th, 2023 – 10.00 am – 12.30 am, our experts Tommaso Fonti, LL.M. and Denis Amici will hold a seminar entitled: «TRANSFER PRICING DOCUMENTATION: an opportunity to manage the tax risk and preserve the company value», organised by Camera di Commercio della Romagna and Bacciardi Partners.

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seminario La documentazione Transfer Pricing_20.04.2023.Bacciardi Partners

Transfer pricing is a discipline aimed at ensuring that prices applied by multinational enterprises to their intra-group transactions are determined, for tax purposes, at arm’s length, and, consequently, that appropriate shares of taxable profits are correctly allocated between the different countries where the multinational enterprise group operates.

According to Italian tax laws, Italian taxpayers can adopt the so-called Transfer Pricing Documentation, namely a set of documents aimed at demonstrating vis-à-vis Italian tax authorities that prices applied to intra-group transactions comply with the OECD arm’s length principle.

The advantages of adopting an appropriate intra-group transfer pricing policy, as supported by a solid Transfer Pricing Documentation, are mainly the following:

  • to avoid transfer pricing adjustments by Italian tax authorities on costs incurred and/or revenues earned by the Italian resident company;
  • to manage and reduce the tax risk associated with intra-group transactions, so as to ensure that the Italian company (parent company or subsidiary) preserves its corporate value, also in view of a possible future sale of its business to potential investors.

The speech will have a practical approach. The speakers will provide operational advice on how to properly set an appropriate Transfer Pricing Policy and to draft the Transfer Pricing Documentation and the necessary intra-group contracts.

Attendance at the seminar can take place:

  • in presence at the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna located in Forlì (Italy), Corso della Repubblica no. 5; or
  • via webinar through the Zoom platform.

Free admission.

The speech will be in Italian.

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