The African continent has already fully entered the global economic process and has high resources in the fields of agriculture, mines, oil & gas; expects a demand in strong growing in the consumer goods sector, as well as in the energy and infrastructure sector.

Currently its GDP is growing at an average of 5%. The factors that contribute to this progress are, among others, significant internal demand and the high improvement in agricultural production, as well as the increase in public and private investments.

The World Bank expects that between 2020 and 2030 the African middle class will double in number, surpassing the Indian one and, consequently, will develop a high demand of consumer goods, food, services and housing.

The European Union is the second largest trading partner, after China. Italy is the fourth largest European exporter to Africa after France, Germany and Spain.

Africa therefore presents significant opportunities for Italian entrepreneurship both in terms of commercial outlet and in terms of investment.

Our firm has followed the development trend of the African economy since its first emergence, having already assisted numerous projects by companies in the Marche and Romagna areas that have seized the first opportunities. We have already set up more than ten joint venture companies in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, as well as in Sudan, Senegal, Ivory Coast and South Africa.