By Valeria Zega and Gabriele Del Bianco – Global Mobility Area

New provisions on Italian Immigration Law_Bacciardi PartnersThe Italian government has recently introduced some changes to the Italian Immigration Law, by the Law Decree 20/2023.

In particular, the above-mentioned Decree introduced the following changes:

→ The quota mechanism, which regulates the release of Italian entry visas and work permits to extra-EU citizens (called “decreto flussi”), will exceptionally have a three years duration, instead of yearly duration, for the period from 2023 to 2025;

→ In case the Italian Immigration authority does not make a decision with respect to the release of the clearance necessary to request and obtain the Italian entry visa (so called “nulla osta”), the same will be in any case released after sixty days from the submission of the application;

→ Once the foreign has obtained the nulla osta, the same is entitled to work on the Italian territory even if the contract of stay, which is necessary for the release of the entry visa, has not been signed yet;

→ The Italian Ministry of Labour can sign agreements with public or private entities which operate in the field of education in extra-EU countries, in order to provide professional training and recruit foreign employees. The quota mechanism will not operate for the employees that attend the above-mentioned professional training;

→ The Italian residence permits issued for study and training purposes can be easily converted in work permits outside the quota mechanism;

→ The duration of the Italian residence permits for work and family purposes can be extended up to three years.

The Law Decree must be converted into law by the 10th of May.

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