Renato Capanna ISAGRI

Isagri, a French corporate group leader in the agri-food and accountant firms’ software systems, appointed Bacciardi and Partners Corporate Finance as its M&A advisor for the Italian market to scout target companies to acquire.

Renato Capanna, head of Corporate Finance at Bacciardi and Partners, is in charge of the client relationship with Isagri Group.

Groupe Isagri, which brings together 2,200 employees generating a total turnover of about 250 million euros, counts on Bacciardi and Partners Corporate Finance to carry out an important M&A project in Italy, led by Mr. Bertran Giraud, consisting in the acquisition of companies specializing in softwares for wine growers, software producers, accountants and accounting experts, with the aim of increasing innovation and organizational levels in the international market.

Groupe Isagri intends to generate from the M&A project in Italy a turnover of around 30 million euros by 2030.

Bacciardi and Partners Corporate Finance, under the direction of Renato Capanna, has already started the research aimed at identifying the best opportunities for the acquisition of Italian target software companies, with growth prospects on the market, and is available to receive dossiers and reports from entrepreneurs and advisors for the sector, interested in developing their business by joining the M&A project of Groupe Isagri.

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