June 15th, 2023 – 10.00 am – 12.30 am

Avv. Gianluca Bastianelli e Avv. Enzo Bacciardi relatori webinar Le controversie commerciali internazionali, Bacciardi Partners, Camera di Commercio della Romagna

International litigation is based on rules, procedures and practices that are significantly different from those that are applicable to domestic and national disputes.

In addition, the so-called Cartabia Reform of the Italian Civil Process has also affected international litigation by strengthening defense deadlines, aggravating foreclosure effects, and increasing the burdens on the parties.

It follows that the management of international commercial disputes requires specific expertise and experience, as well as the need to apply a team of professionals to each litigation procedure, in order to ensure the timely and accurate performance of procedural defense activities.

The webinar has an extremely practical approach and is aimed at enabling enterprises to successfully manage international disputes and to prevent, starting from the contractual stage, the main mistakes that affect international disputes resolution, with particular reference to:

  • how to make the right choice of competent jurisdiction and/or court
  • how to identify when it is more appropriate to devolve international disputes resolution to an arbitration procedure instead of a judicial procedure;
  • how to prevent disputes at the contractual stage.

The speakers are professionals from Bacciardi Partners who have gained extensive experience and acquired a high level of expertise in the management of litigation procedures relating to commercial disputes both domestic and international.

The speech is in Italian.

Download the agenda (in Italian)