June 17th, 2021 – 10.00 am – 13.00 am

The e-commerce is continuing its expansion even in the post-Covid phase, attracting consumers of different ages and favoring the growth of the companies that operates on-line in terms of turnover.

To easily deal with the digital market and properly manage the online transactions it is necessary to be acquainted with the e-commerce rules and be capable to solve the issues that may arise, with particular reference to the necessary administrative, tax, and customs formalities to be undertaken.

Under the tax standpoint, the webinar analyzes:

  • the VAT regulation of the so called direct e-commerce (intangible goods and services rendered online) and indirect e-commerce (tangible goods subject to delivery);
  • the new VAT rules on online sales of goods to final consumers (B2C indirect e-commerce) that will come into force on July 1, 2021;
  • the new OSS (One Stop Shop) and IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) systems for VAT settlement;
  • the most relevant and critical international tax related issues of e-commerce.

Under the customs standpoint, the webinar analyzes:

  • the regulation of the customs formalities connected with indirect e-commerce;
  • the recent customs simplifications for managing the returns of goods, with particular reference to the Easy Free Back streamlined procedure introduced by the Italian Customs Agency.

The webinar has a practical and operational approach.
The speakers are professionals with a long and consolidated experience in international commercial law, international taxation, customs and transport law.

The speech is in Italian.

Download the agenda (in Italian)