Bacciardi Partners again with WUBOOK Srl – a leading provider of management software for accommodation facilities and integrated booking engine and channel manager solutions – in the implementation of its commercial expansion plan in Europe.

Specifically, the Firm assisted WUBOOK in the strengthening of its operational and commercial structure in the Spanish territory.
Bacciardi Partners took care, in particular, of the incorporation of a limited liability company under Spanish law, held by WUBOOK Srl in joint venture with two Spanish shareholders, responsible for the development of WUBOOK’s commercial network within the Spanish market.

Bacciardi Partners operated directly in Spain through its Spanish Desk located in Valencia, which took care of the execution, before the competent Spanish authorities, of all the fulfilments connected to the incorporation and registration of the Spanish company and the formalisation of the shareholders’ relationship with the Spanish partners of the joint venture.

Bacciardi Partners intervened with a team composed of the head of the Corporate Law Department Pier Federico Orciari and the head of the Spanish Desk in Valencia Laura Arpaia, providing assistance from a Spanish and transnational perspective in commercial, corporate and contractual matters, in order to implement the most effective business strategy for the success of the project.

Bacciardi Partners boasts a network of close collaborations in the Spanish territory, in particular with the Valencia Investment Office, an investment promotion agency whose mission is to attract quality foreign investments in the city of Valencia in order to consolidate its economic and technological development.

“We note,” says partner Laura Arpaia, head of Bacciardi Partners’ Spanish Desk, “that the Spanish market is extremely dynamic, open and multicultural, and the city of Valencia, where our Spanish Desk is based, fully expresses this potential.”

Thanks to its structure and consolidated experience, Bacciardi Partners is able to provide interested entrepreneurs with the most appropriate solutions for the success of their projects in Spanish territory.

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