By Antonella Lanzani – HR Director

We at Bacciardi Partners are convinced that our most strategic asset is our human resources, and we want to invest in them.

With this certainty that has always guided us, starting in 2022, we decided to integrate an HR Director within our firm.

If human resources are a key factor in creating value for any firm, they must be given the right attention and care. This is why we are building internal paths that can facilitate our people’s development from the moment they join Bacciardi Partners, throughout their professional life within our firm.

But what is our HR recipe?

Starting from day one, our people are accompanied on their journey within the firm through a mix of ingredients of significant impact: a clear organization, management by objectives, broad and flexible growth steps, individual and team training and coaching, a meaningful remuneration and reward system, open and transparent communication, and a corporate culture based on shared values.

We start from the foundations, from the organization: we clarified the internal roles, defined responsibilities, the internal processes are being analyzed and optimized, and we are designing the correct procedures for managing professional and staff activities.

We have just activated a training and coaching program for all our junior and senior people, tailored to their needs for hard and soft skill enhancement.

But we are even more committed to designing career paths that will see our staff grow exponentially over time, developing multidisciplinary and specialized professional skills: a winning combination.

A compensation & benefits system is being defined and will have to be compatible with and tailored to our professional people to create the right motivation and push toward performance excellence.

In fact, a persuasive incentive system is the basis of our MBO resource management method, centered on careful monitoring, stimulation and evaluation of performance.

This aims to create an efficient and healthy organization, managed in a structured manner at all stages of its development, cemented by a communication plan emphasizing a corporate culture focused on shared values and an ambitious vision.

This concretely demonstrates that fair and equitable people management is very close to our hearts.

We are satisfied with the work done so far, but we are constantly striving to improve and make our HR system more and more efficient to become one of the great places to work in Italy.