How to carry out appropriate checks for proper enforcement of sanctions and how to implement the best safeguard measures in the contracts.


Friday, May 27th, 2022 – 10.30 am – 12.30 am on Zoom, the experts Enzo Bacciardi, Cristina Piangatello, Tommaso Mancini and Flavia Sabbatini will lecture a webinar entitled: “THE SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA: appropriate checks for proper enforcement and the contractual safeguard measures to be taken“, organised by Camera di Commercio della Romagna and Bacciardi Partners.

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As of February 24, 2022, the EU has imposed several sanctions packages on Russia and Belarus, including individual sanctions, economic sanctions, and diplomatic measures.

Individual sanctions are targeted restrictive measures imposed against a wide range of individuals, entities and organizations for a total of 80 entities and 1093 individuals.

Economic sanctions consist of bans and restrictive measures on trade of goods concerning the import/export of products and raw materials in the following sectors: financial; energy; transportation; defense; raw materials and other goods.

During the webinar, the speakers will explain and clarify:

  1. how to identify the sanctions measures in order to avoid their breaching;
  2. how to verify the application of sanctions, through due diligences on individuals and products;
  3. how to implement the best safeguard measures, in order to mitigate the risks related to company operativeness in sanctioned countries;
  4. how to implement a Sanction Compliance Program or an Internal Compliance Program for the adequate evaluation of company risk, in order to protect individual and company responsibilities;
  5. how to deal with triangulations, intermediaries, foreign subsidiaries.

Free admission.
The speech will be in Italian.

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