On Wednesday 19 October 2022 – 16.00/18.00 – in Pesaro at BIESSE SPA headquarters, Via della Meccanica no. 16, our managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M. will take part as a lecturer at the seminar entitled: “THE ACTORS OF THE IPO PROCESS AND BUSINESS CASES OF LISTED COMPANIES FROM THE MARCHE REGION” organised by ANDAF Sezione Marche-Abruzzo-Molise and Confindustria Pesaro Urbino in collaboration with Bacciardi Partners.

The seminar is aimed at illustrating the functioning and advantages of the process of listing a company on the Stock Exchange, with particular reference to the IPO (Initial Public Offering) phase, i.e. the initial public offering of shares by the company wishing to be listed on the stock market.

The seminar will have a practical approach. The speakers are professionals with long and proven experience in corporate finance, merger & acquisition and IPO processes.

Free admission.

The speech will be in Italian. 

Registration deadline: 17/10/2022