Critical issues in the management of restrictions and new bans imposed by the European Union


Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 – 10.00 am – 12.30 am on Zoom, our experts Tommaso Fonti, LL.M., Cristina Piangatello and Enzo Bacciardi will deliver a webinar entitled: “SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA, ONE YEAR AFTER – Critical issues in the management of restrictions and new bans“, organised by Camera di Commercio della Romagna and Bacciardi Partners.

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Webinar Sanzioni contro la Russia un anno dopo_23.02.2023_Bacciardi Partners_Camera di Commercio della Romagna

A year has passed since the EU imposed several sanctions packages on Russia and Belarus, including:

a) individual sanctions (also called subjective sanctions) consisting of restrictive measures targeting a wide range of individuals, entities and organizations;

b) economic sanctions (also referred to as objective sanctions) consisting of bans and restrictive measures on trade of goods concerning the import/export of products and raw materials and other transactions in the areas of: energy; transportation; finance; defence.

In this practical and operational webinar, the speakers will:

  • summarise all the sanctions legislation issued by the European Union against Russia, up to and including the latest sanctions measures;
  • highlight the most recurrent critical issues in commercial trade with Russia, especially in terms of customs, and provide operational advice for their solution;
  • illustrate how to verify the application of sanctions, through due diligences on individuals and products, with particular attention to dual-use and quasi-dual-use goods;
  • deal with triangulations, intermediaries, foreign subsidiaries.

The speakers are professionals with long and proven experience in international trade law, customs and transport law, international taxation, corporate law and corporate finance.

Free admission.

The speech will be in Italian.

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