Renato Capanna, Avv. Pier Federico Orciari, Manuela Santini, Rebecca Milandri, Maria Angarano Bacciardi Partners

Bacciardi Partners assisted BIOPLANET S.r.l an Italian company specialized in the production of useful insects and mites for biological crop protection – for the sale of the entire share capital to CBC (Europe) s.r.l., a company based in Bergamo operating in the development and marketing of biological plant protection products for agriculture at the Italian and international level.

BIOPLANET becomes therefore part of the CBC group adding the remaining pillar of biocontrol to its  BIOGARD® division. Through thistransaction, CBC (Europe) s.r.l integrates its product line with biological control tools based on the control of harmful organisms using their natural antagonists, with the aim of achieving an agriculture that reconciles maximum quality and true environmental sustainability.

«Bacciardi Partners has always been close to issues related to organic and environmental sustainability: we, as a firm, have applied an internal protocol to reduce waste, encouraging green behaviors among our collaborators» commented managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M. «In addition, agribusiness is a very strong growth sector that we are monitoring with great interest. This is why we are really proud to have contributed to the success of a transaction supporting companies that promote with great commitment and professionalism the organic defense of crops, agricultural ecosystems in favor of everyone’s health».

Bacciardi Partners’ multidisciplinary team, operating from the Bologna office, has entirely handled the transaction by:

  • conceiving the future growth strategy of BIOPLANET, in the prospect of a strategic industrial plan and business valuation
  • negotiating the economic and financial elements of the transaction
  • coordinating legal, labor, tax and financial due diligence activities;
  • negotiating with union representatives in order to retain and enhance BIOPLANET’s human resources;
  • managing the negotiation and finalization of the SPA (Share Purchase Agreement), as well as the ancillary agreements to the same.
  • managing the activities necessary to carry out the formalities related to the Golden Power regulations;
  • managing the signing, interim and closing formalities.

Bacciardi Partners acted through its Partner Renato Capanna, Senior Advisor Manuela Santini, Financial Analyst Maria Angarano, for the Corporate Finance division and through its Partner Pier Federico Orciari and Associate Rebecca Milandri for the legal and tax division, with the overall coordination of  managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M.

For the buyer CBC (Europe) s.r.l., the firm RP Legal & Tax intervened with a team composed of Partners Riccardo Rossotto and Paolo Grandi, and associates Paola Iacovino and Ludovica Nizza.

The notarial formalities of the transaction were followed by the associated notary firm Maltoni – Scozzoli of Forlì and Cesena.