From June 2019 the application for the issuance of the non-preferential certificate of origin (“Certificate”) must be submitted electronically using the InfoCamere CERT’O application.

The application is made through an IT procedure, at the end of which the data of the Certificate and the documents to be attached thereto, are transmitted via the Internet to a special Chamber Telematic Desk.

certificato-origine-Bacciardi-and-PartnersDownload the pdf/printable version

On the basis of the application and the related attachments, the Chamber of Commerce carries out its investigation and issues the Certificate in paper form to the applicant.

The IT procedure can only be used for the filling of the application while the Certificate must always be issued in paper form. Usually, the foreign customs authorities require the submission of the Certificate in paper form with the handwritten signature of the chamber official. Consequently, the Certificate requested electronically must in any case be provided in paper form by the company, which may collect it, also through a representative, at the desk of the Chamber of Commerce dedicated to the collection of electronic files.

However, it is possible to benefit from the experimental service called “PRINTING AT THE COMPANY”, a new service of the Chamber of Commerce that allows economic operators to print the Certificate requested electronically at their company’s offices.

Once this service is activated, the Chamber of Commerce will send the text of the Certificate in PDF format with the stamp and holographic signature of the responsible officer.

The PDF file must be printed on the blank forms which will be delivered by the Chamber of Commerce to the companies qualifying for the service.

To qualify for the service, a company must have at least one of the following requirements:

  • have the status of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), duly certified by the Customs Administration;
  • have the status of AUTHORIZED EXPORTER or be registered with the REX system;
  • be duly registered with the ITALIANCOM chamber system database.

It is also required that:

  1. the company have not committed serious or repeated violations of customs and tax legislation, and it have not been subject to convictions for serious crimes in relation to its economic activity; as required by art. 39 (a) of Regulation (EU) No. 952/2013;
  2.  the customs Authorities have not rejected the company’s requests for customs authorizations in the last three years due to violations of the relevant customs rules.

To benefit from the experimental service “PRINTING AT THE COMPANY”, the qualified companies must:

  1. fill in the proper application Form;
  2. have the Form electronically signed by the legal representative or by the appointed attorney in fact duly authorized to that effect;
  3. send the Form to the certified electronic mail address (PEC) of the relevant Chamber of Commerce, accredited by the ICC / WCF (World Chambers Federation) network, attaching the possible certificate attesting the AEO, Authorized Exporter or REX status.