The Department of Domestic and International Agreements and Digital Law of Bacciardi Partners assist Italian and foreign companies in the negotiation and regulation of contractual and commercial transactions of all kinds, as well as in transactions relating to new technologies, providing advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Domestic and international commercial agreements used by the most diverse industries (including sales, agency, distribution, franchising contracts; tenders; production and commercial collaboration agreements; procurement contracts; OEMs; contracts for the subcontracting of goods and services; confidentiality agreements);
  • International payments and Trade Finance (documentary collections, letters of credit, payment guarantees and bonds of all kinds);
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce, both directly managed by the company or in outsourcing;
  • Information Technology (with specific reference to: IT and telematic contracts; contracts for the Industry 4.0; EULAs and general conditions for platforms and apps; Internet Service Provider liability; IT fraud);
  • IoT and Digital Transformation (with particular reference to: contracts for the remote management of products, machinery, and industrial plants; regulation of predictive maintenance);
  • Intellectual Property online (with particular reference to: domain names, counterfeiting, unfair competition) and off-line (with specific reference to: contracts for the transfer or license of technology or know-how, trademarks, and patents; copyright and other rights);
  • Compliance with Privacy rules.