Webinar_ace-afex-bacciardiTommaso Mancini, partner of Bacciardi and Partners, will attend as a speaker at the webinar organized with AICE and AFEX on Thursday 21 May 2020 from 12.00 to 13.00

Speakers: Erika Fribbi, senior option dealer of AFEX Markets on the topic “FX edging: from the identification of the risk to the choice of hedging instruments” and Tommaso Mancini on the topic «Payment and guarantee systems in international commercial transactions».

During the free webinar on the GOTOWebinar platform, the following issues will be tackled:

  • description of the different FX risk categories
  • guidelines to define a risk management strategy
  • hedging instruments: how to best exploit their characteristics and types
  • most common payment and guarantee instruments in transactions with foreign countries
  • guidelines for choosing the most appropriate instruments, based on the characteristics of the various instruments available and the underlying commercial transaction


AFEX Global Payment and risk management solution is a multinational company able to design and implement international payment management and exchange risk mitigation solutions anywhere in the world. It has a portfolio of 35,000 active commercial customers made up of exporters, national companies, multinationals and individuals

AICE (Italian Association of Foreign Trade) is a non-profit business association that for over 70 years has specifically represented the interests of Italian companies that mainly carry out foreign trade activities, both in import and export, and who intend to develop their business on foreign markets. AICE offers member companies assistance on all sector issues as well as relations with the highest national and international authorities. AICE’s goal is to protect the interests of its members and contribute to their development, offering a range of services that allow them to improve their positioning and image on international markets.