We assist foreign entrepreneurs in their dealings while doing business in Italy.
We draft or review any kind of commercial agreements the foreign entrepreneur may need to negotiate and enter into to perform commercial transactions in Italy.
If the business operations imply the establishment of an Italian legal entity, we assist the client in:

  • assessing the proper entry strategy from a corporate and tax perspective;
  • choosing the proper legal entity;
  • executing the incorporation formalities;
  • raising the necessary equity or debt capital;
  • hiring local personnel or transferring foreign employees in Italy;
  • purchasing or renting land or real estate;
  • sorting the Italian tax issues arising from the inbound investment as well as the cross-border tax issues connected with the foreign countries;
  • solving customs or transportation issues they may face when importing products in Italy;
  • protecting their intellectual property rights in Italy.

If a dispute arises from the Italian business operations, we represent and defend foreign entrepreneurs while engaging in litigation in front of both the Italian judicial courts or arbitration tribunals.

Using our professional domestic network, we are finally able to procure to the foreign entrepreneur the provision of additional services in different fields including, among others: notary, accounting, auditing, recruiting, payroll, translation and interpreting.