Bacciardi_subappalto_in_UKNUOVO PIGNONE INTERNATIONAL SRL, in the framework of a long-standing relationship with RAM Group, has subcontracted to RAM POWER SRL the installation and maintenance services encompassed in the main scope of work of a UK tender.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS assisted RAM POWER SRL in the management of the relationship with NUOVO PIGNONE INTERNATIONAL SRL, in order to identify the right strategy for entering in the UK and to set up the local operations required by the contractual relationship with the customer.

The consultancy services involved, first of all, a feasibility analysis on contractual, corporate, fiscal, global mobility, VAT and customs matters.

The assistance then continued with the incorporation of a company held by RAM POWER in the UK and with the proper management of global mobility, with particular reference to workers who in this first phase need to enter frequently in the UK territory to stay for short periods, for which the instrument of “shorter business Visa” was used.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS also provided assistance with reference to all international taxation issues concerning the intra-group relationships between the newly incorporated UK company and the Italian parent company: the configuration of the transfer pricing model, as well as the international VAT matters, the tax treatment of payment flows of fees in the light of the UK legislation on the Construction Industry Scheme and the International Convention against double taxation on income, in force between Italy and the United Kingdom.

Finally, the assistance concerned the customs and transportation matters applied to materials and goods being moved from Italy to the United Kingdom.

BACCIARDI and PARTNERS acted through its Corporate Law, International Taxation, Global Mobility and Customs and Transport Law departments.

The multidisciplinary teams have been made up of: Pier Federico Orciari, Gianluca Bastianelli and Jordan Puzzo, coordinated by the managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi, LL.M., who dealt with corporate issues; Denis Amici, Andrea Belvedere and Cristina Piangatello, coordinated by the leading partner Tommaso Fonti, LL.M., for the international taxation, global mobility and customs and transportation matters.

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