The Firm focuses on the reorganization of business processes and on the generational handover of Family Businesses with the new partner Antonella Lanzani

Antonella Lanzani in Bacciardi and Partners per servizi HR

Bacciardi and Partners grows again with the entry of Antonella Lanzani, HR and next generation family business specialist, who joins to strengthen the Corporate Finance Department directed by Renato Capanna.

Antonella will deal with human resources management, both in the reorganization of business processes and in the structuring of corporate governance systems applicable to Family Businesses and generational handover strategies, also through the support of second or third generations of entrepreneurs in their rise to the top levels of their family companies.

Antonella will also be involved in the development of top management in Family Businesses, providing assistance in the design and implementation of incentive compensation systems, variable compensation (MBO), performance evaluation, talent management, re-engineering of work processes and profiling of human resources for advancement to the company’s top levels.

Antonella Lanzani declares: “My entry into Bacciardi and Partners is the result of a concrete and dynamic alliance that combines areas of legal, finance and organization of managerial and top management resources, in the view of a reorganization and revitalization of the business and the necessary generational handover, in a global market increasingly directed to the digital dimension.”

“The Firm – says the managing partner Lorenzo Bacciardi – with the entry of Antonella integrates the offer of its legal services with management services for the evolution of managerial resources or top management, functional to generate high value-added solutions with direct impact on the evolution strategies of the company.”

“Antonella’s experience and professionalism – says Renato Capanna, head of the Corporate Finance Department at Bacciardi and Partners – will allow us to take on a strategic role:

  • in the reorganization and efficiency of the human resources employed in Family Businesses, especially in the restructuring plans that companies will necessarily have to conceive and face in the coming months;
  • in the generational handover processes that will very soon involve Family Enterprises, which are the backbone of the Italian economy and the entrepreneurial type that most of all expresses dynamism, resilience and innovation and on which the post-pandemic reconstruction will be based.”

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